Car Valeting by PS Valeting

About Us

P&S Valeting & Detailing was set up by myself, Phil, in 2021 after over 20 years in the Aerospace industry, I decided to follow my passion for detailing / valeting which has long been an interest of mine! Often found on my drive working on my own car, making it shine, testing new products it was time to share my knowledge & turn it into a business. Not one to shy away from a challenge I set to with the help of my wife & family getting all the necessary tools & equipment ready to start taking on clients in July 2021. 

From acquiring my driving licence in 1997, I have always had hot hatch backs, and have done most work on them my-self.  With the growth of the internet over 20 years I have found what I needed to know and which best works for me and my cars and its been a great interest over the years.

My dream car to own has always been a Porsche GT3 RS, you never know someday hey.....